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Save the world, but not the language !

Dim 26 Oct - 23:29

Si vous n'aviez pas remarqué, il s'agit d'un songe entièrement en anglais où le but est de massacrer la langue tout en essayant de se comprendre. Tout le monde est invité à condition de jouer le jeu, of course ♥

Tonight was supposed to be calm. After eating a delicious home-made cake -with a lot of ingredients you don’t want to know-, Ambros wanted to feed his goldfish and to look at him until the late night. Yes, it was a good plan for an interesting moment, but it was not funny to tell.
The phone rang. After realizing that, yes, he had a phone and that phone was currently ringing, he jumped and caught the device. An unknown corresponding verified he was truly himself and asked him to come immediately.

You will… Hum… save the world! A terrifying enemy, called the Light Eraser, decided to break all the street lamps of our beloved City. I know you are enough intelligent to realize how dangerous this person is for citizens!
- …Yes, I know it!
- I chose the good pigeon… Well, you will be helped by another great hero of the City, called Super-Robyn. Together, you will find this troublemaker and restore the peace of the universe… Please go now in front of the Empire Statistic Building, our secret services indicate that he will strike there. Do not reflect, the City count on you!
- I’m coming right now!

Very excited by the idea of being useful to the City, Ambros didn’t think to ask who exactly the person was, but it was not important – he didn’t have time to spend because the City was in danger! He said goodbye to his favorite goldfish and proudly ran to the battle.
Well. He didn’t really come “right now”, but rather… ten or twenty minutes later? It was not important, the Light Eraser could probably wait a bit. Add five minutes to ask each passer-by met if he was in front of the Empire Statistic Building, okay, it’s still not grave, we hope for the City. And for Super-Robyn too, who was probably waiting since a few times. When finally the temporary hero came, he waved to his future partner.

I’m not late, am I?

You are indubitably late, but it’s usual.
Lun 27 Oct - 0:37
Anya was currently at the top floor of the Empire Statistic Building, a monstrosity made out of concrete and glass, which seemed to have been assembled by a child in lack of imagination. To put it in one word, it was a big, grey, ugly cube. But, as the Evil Master(tm) she was, Anya did not care that much about big, grey, and ugly cubes. She did care about much more devilish things. She cared about evil, and how badly evil was done.

So, as any good Evil Master(tm), she was yelling at her Evil Minion(tm) who had let rumors about her last plan spread through the city. It would for sure induce an endless chain of events that would probably include some Discount Heroes(tm) babbling endlessly the world "Justice", and all that sort of things.

But, she got a wonderful idea. They would not make it out in one piece this time.

"Uhuhuh... I got a wonderful idea... They won't make it out in one piece, this time..."She muttered.

She sat deeply on her Devilish Seat(tm), took her Devilish Pose(tm), and laughed a bit.

Because evil people do that sort of things. And because it is easily done.

And also, because it does not need the use of expensive special effects.

Dernière édition par Anya Kazan le Lun 27 Oct - 17:37, édité 1 fois
Lun 27 Oct - 11:06
It seemed that this night would be just a normal night, without anything to do. Well, Robyn had plenty of things to do when he wasn't on mission. Doing the chores, cooking and eating, half-sleeping on the sofa. The superhero was so busy all the day, and all the night. Well, this evening was going to be different.

▬ H-Heeey, that's not fair ... There's no donuts left ... What will I do to survive in this gruesome world ? This can't be, honestly ...

Depression. Robyn had ate all the donuts. He had like twenty bags full of them but it wasn't enough for him. He eats around ten donuts per day. They weren't normal donuts, though. They were giant donuts. This type of donuts were not popular and Robyn was one of the only ones to buy them.

When he was at the supermarket, he suddenly heard the phone ring. It was his boss.

▬ Hello, Robyn. An ennemy has been found near the Empire Statistic Building ! He's called Light Eraser and wants to break all the street lights. I engaged another superhero to assist you in your mission. He should be there, already.
▬ Understood. I'll be there in ten minutes.

After putting his mask and costume in his flat, he flew to the building. Well, he ran for five minutes and he was there. There was a guy waiting him.

▬ Hey, you're Ambros, right ? I'm Super-Robyn. You'rea newcomer, am I wrong ? You'll see, it's fantastic. And you're not late, don't worry. Then, we shall go and fight Light Eraser !

Robyn was so happy to finally going back on mission. He couldn't be calm, he was very excited !
Lun 27 Oct - 12:13
Fortunately, Robyn was also late. So, they were both on time. Obviously. But what were they supposed to do after these greetings? There wasn’t any evil people next to them, only a big and pretty cube. Probably the building, recognized for its beautiful shapes by every… Well, only by Ambros, but he’d always thought this cube was done by a clever and inspired artist. Because…

After trying to solving the mystery and failing to that task, he decided that some things were more important. Like erasing the Eraser, who was probably doing very bad things somewhere.

Let’s go!” he proclaimed, a fist to the sky.

Then he crossed heroically, with his heroic partner, the door of the Empire Statistic Building. The staff of the Empire was probably terrified at the idea a villain was hiding in the cube. They had to be very careful, the prudence was probably a main personality trait of…. Okay, you are probably not dupe, Ambros was currently walking with is habitual stupid smile, absolutely not immersed in any kind of mysterious ambiance. He was like a child looking for some Easter eggs hidden in the garden, inspecting behind the flowers, under a desk chair…

Hum, not here…

Well, he thought he could find and evidence. But an evidence of what? He was not sure himself. But on screen, heroes guessed all the villain’s plan after noticing a strange pen or something like that. Finally, it was quite difficult to be a super-hero, the City had put a lot on his shoulders. Luckily, Robyn knew his job and…

Well, where was Robyn? He looked all around him, but his heroic partner was not here. He started to panic. Was it a kidnapping?

I let you decide what happened ♥ (you = anya or robyn)
Lun 27 Oct - 17:08
A bright and lively stare was laid on the city, as the light haze fall evenings usually brought with them quietly invaded the lonely streets.
The youthful, high-pitched voice of Gunnel Rose broke the silence.
‘For God's sake, Inge, can't I finish my sentence?’
‘You're not going out today.’
‘... What makes you think I want to go out?’
‘You are leaning over the windowsill, as if you wanted to jump.’
‘Fine. Congrats, Sherlock. I'm going out.’
‘Gun, do I look like I'm kidding? No wandering today.’
This wasn't fun at all. Facing her brother, Gunnel simpered:
‘Ooh, sorry, Mom. Didn't mean to challenge your supreme authority.’
‘Look, sis, my apartment, my rules.’
‘It's not your apartment, it's Sonja's. And Sonja's rules are: as you want, but take this gun, in case you need.
The young man giggled and said:
‘I still can't understand how Mom and Dad could let her watch you. Nor how none of you has a criminal record yet.’
Gun blowed on her fingers as if they were the barrel of an imaginary revolver.
‘Talent. Experience. What else?’
The two siblings' laughter echoed in the silent apartment.
‘Okay, that was funny, but, you're still not going out.’
‘What a killjoy.’
‘Hey, Gun, I told you. Now do as you want, but you are responsible.’
Translation: go out, you can even take a gun if you want, just know that I'm not concerned anymore.
Fine. That was perfectly fine. The purple lips twitched into a smile as the blond fairy ran to the street.

Where was she walking? She didn't even know. She simply enjoyed the light grey shreds of fog, the dark ripped skies, the fresh air.
And the frightening loneliness of the empty street.
‘And in the naked light I saw ten thousand people, maybe more...’
There was not a single soul, not a single ghost.
‘People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening...’
She had never seen the City that way: desolated as the moors in Emily Brontë's poetry. However, the moors looked tragically beautiful in Gun's thoughts. And so was the City to her eyes. Its fierce shadows enlightened the dancing damsel's smile.
‘People writing songs that voices never share...’
All of sudden, she ran away. For no clear reason: she simply wanted to. Maybe was she thinking it would bring life back to the alley.
It didn't. But she found it all over the avenue she resulted in. The skies remained torn, the haze kept on clouding the atmosphere.
‘And no one dared disturb the sound of silence...’
But there was life. Undoubtedly. It was quiet, discrete and peaceful, but it was life and nothing else really mattered.
‘And the people bo–
‘Is that the Empire Statistic Building?’
‘Oh, uh...’
She laid her eyes on the gigantic sign behind her brown haired interlocutor (it said EMPIRE STATISTIC BUILDING in pale neon letters), and pointed her finger to it.
‘I guess so.’
He nodded his head and went to another passer-by, asking him the exact same question. Gun giggled and discreetly followed the stranger (who recalled her something she couldn't accurately tell), in order to know how many times he would ask if this was the Empire Statistic Building.
‘Thirteen? Thirteen, come on. You can do it... Oh Lord, I can't believe he really did.’
She seemed insane, betting aloud on the number of questions, but anyway, the Citizens were used to it. She wasn't the maddest girl in town.
‘Now, fourteen! You haven't asked this woman yet... Come on, dude...’
Sadly, the fourteenth question never came. But what happened instead was in many ways more interesting to the spy wannabe.
‘... Ambros, right ? I'm Super-Robyn. You're a newcomer, am I wrong ? You'll see, it's fantastic...’
Gun's eyes widened with excitement as she casually followed the two young men inside the enormous cube. She barely realized how creepy her behavior was. She was simply curious. A curious and aimless soul, seeking for an occupation and, eventually, some dangerous situation.
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Date d'inscription : 18/06/2012
Lun 27 Oct - 19:10
This night was a good night for doing some bad things. And for introducing the most dangerous derived version of one of the most dangerous human beings of all the worlds/dimensions/written role-playing games/whatever: Anabela Rozieri (or Mafiosanna, as you like it). But, obviously, it is less important than the world domination due to a random motive.

Villains have always needed a henchman. A more or less stupid guy who helps the Evil Master™ to achieve the Evil Plan ™ . The henchman needs to be servile but useless, and to have a stereotyped accent. The accent is very important... Or not. But it is funny.  Actually, our evil sidekick had an Italien accent, with a perfect replicate of the Godfather™ 's clothes. Well, she was a fool but an elegant young woman.

This job implied much more problems than advantages: the boss was rather susceptible, and Anna had not ever known if she will have a pay one day. But she wore an awesome suit. And the Evil Master ™ Anya was pretty cool too. Anna did not know anything of the Evil Plan, but she was sure it will be as incredible as Mama's Bolognese sauce. And she had to help her Master.

“Yourrrr Maliciousness may not scrrrreaming in this way to herrr devoted serrrvant. I thought you would like to show yourrr suprrremacy to these amateurrrs. Oh, speak of the devil...”

Looking through the window with her evil binoculars, she could see the enemies and a young girl. Anna sighed. Could not the Superheroes Inc. send a more famous hero? And, if possible, could they forbid  young pretty-but-useless girls to interfere? They were so annoying.

“Well, I think we do not have the choice anymorrrre...”

Of course, she talked about her fatal weapon.
A thing people cannot fight.
A free-distribution of poisoned quattro fromaggi pizzas.

#B0CC99 ou #667f53

Fansong Striky x Anna par Striky herself **

Lun 27 Oct - 21:14
Anya was quite delighted, actually. For once, she had a plan. A real one, with reliable things into it. In fact, it was a plain stupid plan. But again, she did not care. She did what every proper villain learn at the villain's academy. And what she had learnt a the villain's academy, was precisely to do plain stupid plans. It was a tradition. Villains are very strict about traditions. She laughed. Laugher is cheap. Villains are always broke.

“Yourrrr Maliciousness may not scrrrreaming in this way to herrr devoted serrrvant. I thought you would like to show yourrr suprrremacy to these amateurrrs. Oh, speak of the devil...” Her silly minion said.

"I shall not suffer more of these comedies. They do not know what a real hero is. You can say that just by looking at them. I regret the good old times... There were real heroes back then... To bad they all had to die of food poisoning... Well, no time to run after past. For me to do the next move on the chessboard !" She said. "Minion ! Do your job ! I have to finish my evil works ! Don't let them reach this room ! Go, and remember ! We will prevail !"

She put out the lights, for the atmosphere, and looked down at the city. It was a nice view, for sure. Too bad night had to come... But that is what evil people do, right ? They bring darkness with them. It is a tradition. And evil people a very strict about traditions.
Mer 5 Nov - 14:26
Well, this wasn't what Robyn expected. He thought Ambros would be serious and really search for Light Eraser. Actually, he was, but not in a superhero way : behind the flowers, under the desk ... Everywhere he couldn't be. Robyn sighed and decided to search, too. He asked the people at the entrance if they had seen someone suspicious, but nobody did. He saw a door that leads to the library of the building. In all the superhero movies, there was a trap that leads to the villain's base.

▬ Hey, Ambros, let's go !

He pushed the door. There was tons of books. He immediately put his head into action. The villain was called Light Eraser. It makes 'LG'. 'LG' would make section 126. After having look at the map, it was the robotics section. He decided to go there and didn't knew where he had to search.

▬ What if ... He mumbled to himself.

There was indead a "light and electricity" section. 'L' was the number 12, so he searched for the twelth book. It was there. He pushed the book, and ...
Jeu 6 Nov - 20:46
After yelling like a winner of the Discretion contest (which didn’t exist, fortunately because Ambros didn’t have any chance to pass the door, before any test), he finally noticed a woman. Quite young, face of a normal person, was she here since the beginning? That was a very useless question, he didn’t even try to answer it and quickly ran next to her.
Heeem… Didn’t you notice a superhero called Robyn? In fact, he was here… but now he is not here.
Say hello was for weak people. Clearness too. He didn’t know how explain the magic of what happened sooner. The Empire Statistic Building was beautiful and mysterious at the same time, this is why he preferred to visit some less intelligent places, like parks or lakes. And he was supposed to save the world, see the casting error…
And I’m also searching for a man called…hum... Light Laser, something like that.
Memory too… the list was long. We can also add prudence, but a superhero is not a superhero if he doesn’t fall in the most obvious traps.

(the woman should be Gunny even if you prefer Anna to be this person)(c'te phrase qui veut dire nothing 8D)
Mar 18 Nov - 0:15
‘Robyn... The guy with a strange suit who came with you? I saw him cross the... Library doorway.’
She pointed the massive wooden door, behind the young man's back, and took the floor again:
‘As of Light Laser... I've never heard that name before. It sounds nice, though.’
She wrinkled her nose - it meant she was pondering - and spoke again, with her childishly enthusiastic voice:
‘I can help you find them if you want!’
Well... Actually, she didn't wait for his agreement: quick as a fox on ecstasy, she checked all the most incongruous spots of the hall where a superhero could be. At least she didn't look under the flower pots... Indeed, her tendancy to instinctively find the weirdest places (especially the ones a decent person couldn't reach) made her more likely search for some hidden passage behind one of the horrendous and gigantic cubist paintings. And she found something quite interesting:
‘Hey! Hey, uh... I don't know your name. Look at this!’
This looked like a quite large ventilation duct. In movies, characters often ended up crawling in vents. It seemed quite fun. She turned her head toward him:
‘We could take this... Passage?’
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